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One of the Most Frequently Asked Question by Homeowners:

My foundation wall is bowed and has some cracks, who should I contact ?

First thing comes to mind is to contact a foundation and waterproofing company, as most of them would provide a free estimate and while that is not a bad avenue to take I often tell my clients, the reason they provide a free estimate is because they are selling you their product and while most of the time their product could help solve/fix the issue you could be missing out on reviewing the root cause of the problem by a professional (a structural engineer) that is there just to provide you the best possible solution without selling you any product. I can say that a decent amount of consultation/evaluation I provided for similar issues did not require any reinforcement but rather some immediate maintenance work to prevent further movement and cracks.

If you have questions regarding your foundation or any other structural element in your house, feel free to contact us

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