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Pittsburgh Expert Witness


Our extensive experience in building façade applications (façade panels and soffit panels) help us provide an industry expert opinion due to the many years of experience and knowledge of design, engineering, materials specification/performance, fabrication and installation.

We also provide expert witness services for the residential’s applications (Foundation reinforcements, foundation cracks, foundation movements, waterproofing assessment, load bearing walls removal and replacement with improperly sized LVL/Beam, etc..). Our experience working with home owners designing reinforcement for their foundations and other structural elements also evaluating existing work done by others has given us a great insight and knowledge of the challenges that many homeowners are facing with the quality of work also with the reinforcement efficacy and performance.

We provide the followings:

  • Case validation

  • Site visits and assessments

  • Expert Report

  • Deposition preparation

  • Expert Testimony

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Law Consultation
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