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Pittsburgh Owner Representation


We provide owner representation services also known as owner’s engineer which is a role taken to protect the owner’s interests by ensuring that the contractors are adhering properly to the project specifications. Engaging an independent owner’s engineer can ensure that your project complies with the standards and addresses potential quality issues also help to reduce your project’s costs through greater control over the project scope, schedule, and various other aspects. 
We also provide design assist services, engineering review & evaluation of construction drawings.
We are happy to offer our services to assist and guide you whether you are remodeling your own home or working on your investment projects.
Hiring an expert to get their feedback and review the work is proven to save you not only money but also headaches for performance issues in the future. 

Structural Engineering Inspection-
Structural Engineering Consultant -


  • During Design and Planning: Owner’s engineer will participate during design meetings, also will review submittals (Design Drawings and Construction Drawings).


  • During Material Ordering: Review purchase orders, prices and spec sheets.


  • During Construction: Review all field modifications and evaluate any potential change orders then provide recommendations to the owner accordingly.


  • During Final Punchlist: Review any concerns documented during the punch list process and provide recommendations to the owner accordingly. 

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