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Structural Engineering Condition Assessment, Design & consultation services.

We are available to assist you with all of your structural engineering needs.

We offer limited peer review services. 


A structural engineering inspection (Condition Assessment) offers a professional assessment of a building or home's structural condition and integrity. This evaluation, conducted by experienced engineers, determines whether the structural elements (such as the foundation and framing) are currently performing their intended function.

Our inspection includes:

  1. A thorough examination of all visible and accessible parts of the foundation walls, including surface drainage around the building to identify water entry issues, if any.

  2. Detailed inspection of all visible and accessible framing, with a focus on identifying signs of distress and sagging.

  3. A comprehensive review of structural comments from previous home inspections.

Our goal is to provide you with a thorough understanding of your property's structural integrity and any potential concerns that may require attention.

Structural Engineering Inspection-
Structural Engineering Consultant -


We specialize in offering Structural Engineering Consultation services to a wide range of clients, including homeowners, investors, inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents. Our licensed engineers are dedicated to providing professional, impartial guidance tailored to address your specific structural concerns.

When you turn to us, you can trust that our engineers are committed to delivering unbiased opinions and recommendations. We take pride in ensuring that you receive only the necessary repairs and solutions for your unique situation. You can have peace of mind knowing that you won't be persuaded into unnecessary expenses.

At our firm, we view an engineer as your trusted consultant, working exclusively in your best interests. Your structural issues become our priority, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.


Our services encompass a comprehensive range of structural inspection and evaluation options to address any concerns you may have. This includes visual inspections and assessments of structural elements such as walls, columns, floors, and foundation walls. We are equipped to conduct feasibility studies and provide recommendations for reinforcement of joists and girders, as well as assist with new additions to your property.

Furthermore, we offer the option to provide an engineering report upon request. This report is a detailed document that meticulously outlines all identified structural damage within the home and presents our recommended repairs. Often, these engineering reports are necessary for real estate transactions and loan processes. They offer valuable professional insights to help you make informed decisions regarding the best course of action to address your structural concerns. Our goal is to provide you with the information and guidance you need to ensure the safety and integrity of your property.

Structural Engineering Evaluations - Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services (
Remodeling Consultant/Engineering Services - Stamped Permit Drawings -



We offer comprehensive consulting and engineering services tailored to the needs of homeowners, investors, and real estate developers. Our expertise comes into play when you require assistance in creating detailed drawings for various purposes, including:

  1. Room Remodels: Whether it's redesigning your living spaces, kitchen, or basement, we can help you conceptualize and draft the necessary plans.

  2. Load-Bearing Wall Removal: If you're considering removing a load-bearing wall, we can provide the engineering drawings needed to ensure structural integrity while complying with safety regulations.

  3. Deck Additions: If you're planning to add a deck to your property, our team can create precise drawings that meet local building codes and guidelines.

We specialize in providing signed and sealed engineering drawings, site plans, as well as framing and foundation plans. These documents are crucial for obtaining permits from your local authorities or for accurately bidding construction projects with your contractor. Our services are designed to streamline the planning and execution of your construction or remodeling projects, ensuring they are carried out efficiently and in compliance with code requirements.


Our firm offers consulting and engineering services to banks and mortgage officers to assist in the thorough evaluation of a property's structural integrity as part of the loan application process. We understand the importance of ensuring that the property in question meets the necessary structural standards and requirements.

Our services include conducting comprehensive structural assessments and inspections to provide the essential information required for the loan evaluation process. We can deliver detailed engineering reports and assessments that offer a clear and professional perspective on the property's condition, highlighting any structural concerns or potential issues.

By partnering with us, banks and mortgage officers can make more informed lending decisions, ensuring the properties under consideration are structurally sound and meet the necessary criteria for loan approval. Our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable structural assessments can help mitigate risks and enhance the overall quality of lending decisions.

Structural Consultant for banks & financial institutions - Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services
Structural-Engineering-Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services (Owner Representation)


Our firm specializes in Owner Representation services, often referred to as an Owner's Engineer. This crucial role is dedicated to safeguarding the owner's interests by ensuring strict adherence to project specifications. By engaging an independent Owner's Engineer, you can enjoy several benefits:

  1. Compliance and Quality Assurance: We ensure that your project complies with industry standards and diligently address potential quality concerns, thus upholding the highest standards of workmanship.

  2. Cost Control: Our services contribute to reducing project costs by providing enhanced control over project scope, schedule, and other essential aspects.

In addition to Owner Representation, we offer Design Assist services, which involve collaborating with you on design aspects, and Engineering Review and Evaluation of construction drawings to ensure they meet the required standards.

Whether you're remodeling your own home or managing investment projects, we are here to assist and guide you. Hiring our experts to provide feedback and review work has proven to not only save money but also prevent future performance-related headaches. Our commitment is to make your projects successful and stress-free.


Our specialization lies in providing expert witness services in two key areas:

1. Building Façade Applications: With extensive experience in façade panels and soffit panels, we offer industry-leading expertise. Our team's deep knowledge in design, engineering, materials specification and performance, fabrication, and installation allows us to provide authoritative opinions in this field.

2. Residential Applications: We also offer expert witness services for residential projects, focusing on foundation reinforcements, load-bearing walls, and other structural elements. Our hands-on experience collaborating with homeowners to design reinforcements and evaluate previous work equips us with unique insights. We understand the challenges homeowners face with work quality and reinforcement effectiveness.

In both these areas, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance and leveraging our knowledge to support you as trusted expert witnesses. Whether it's building façades or residential structures, we are here to ensure the best outcomes for your projects.

Expert Witness Services for Structural Engineering Cases -
Handrail & Guardrail Calculations and Drawings Review -


Our services include the preparation of stamped calculations and a meticulous review of your fabrication drawings for handrails and guardrails on your commercial projects. We also take care of all the essential submittals required for your permitting processes. Our expertise ensures that your handrail and guardrail installations meet the necessary safety and compliance standards, allowing for a smooth and efficient project execution while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Services: Our Services

Architectural Panels

Our team specializes in providing precise engineering calculations for your panel projects, whether they involve perforated or non-perforated panels. With our extensive engineering experience, which includes designing hundreds of thousands of square feet of panels in the past, we are well-equipped to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment is to deliver engineering solutions that not only meet but exceed your needs, ensuring the success of your panel projects.

Glass Buildings
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