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Structural Engineering Inspection, Design & consultation services.

We are available to assist you with all of your structural engineering needs.


A structural engineering inspection is an opinion as to the structural condition & integrity of the building or home. That is, in the opinion of the engineer, the structural elements (foundation, framing, etc.) designed & built to accept the anticipated loads & are continuing to perform their intended function. We inspect: all visible and accessible portions of the foundation walls including surface drainage around the building where evidence of water entry is shown; all visible and accessible framing where sign of distress & sagging exists; and review structural comments on home inspection.

Structural Engineering Inspection-
Structural Engineering Consultant -


Provide Structural Engineering Consultation to owners, investors, inspectors, contractors and real estate agents. An engineer’s job and license depend on their ability to provide a professional, unbiased opinion on the best repair for your specific problem. You can rest assured you are not being sold anything you don’t need. An engineer is a homeowner’s own professional consultant.


Visual inspection, review and evaluation of any structural concern you have in walls, columns, floors, foundations walls. Feasibility studies, joist and/or girders reinforcement, new addition.
Also we provide an engineering report, when requested, that will carefully detail all of the structural damage found on the home and document recommended repairs. Often, an engineering report is required for completion of real estate transactions and loans. The engineering report gives professional guidance on the best course of action to take, so you can make an informed decision.

Structural Engineering Evaluations - Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services (
Remodeling Consultant/Engineering Services - Stamped Permit Drawings -



We provide consulting and engineering services for home owners, investors and real estate developers who need assistant creating drawings whether they are designing their remodeled rooms, kitchen, basement or removing a load bearing wall or even adding a deck.
We can provide signed and sealed engineering drawings, site plans, framing or foundation plans to provide to your local authority so you can pull a permit or just to give to your contractor to bid the job accurately.


We provide consulting and engineering services for banks and mortgage officers when they are evaluating the structural integrity of a property prior to issuing or approving the loan application.

Structural Consultant for banks & financial institutions - Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services
Structural-Engineering-Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services (Owner Representation)


We provide owner representation services also known as owner's engineer, a role taken to protect the owner's interests by ensuring that the contractors are adhering properly to the project specifications. Engaging an independent owner’s engineer can ensure that your project complies with the standards and address potential quality issues also help to reduce your project’s costs through greater control over the project scope, schedule, and various other aspects.

 We also provide design assist services and engineering review & evaluation of construction drawings.

We are happy to offer our services to assist and guide you whether you are remodeling your own home or working on your investment projects.

Hiring an expert to get their feedback and review the work is proven to save you not only money but also headaches for performance issues in the future. 


Our extensive experience in building façade applications (façade panels and soffit panels) help us provide an industry expert opinion due to the many years of experience and knowledge of design, engineering, materials specification/performance, fabrication and installation.

We also provide services for the residential’s applications (Foundation reinforcements, load bearing walls, etc..). Our experience working with home owners designing reinforcement for their foundation and other structural elements also evaluating existing work done by others has given us a great insight and knowledge of the challenges that many homeowners are facing with the quality of work also with the reinforcement efficacy and performance.

Expert Witness Services for Structural Engineering Cases -
Handrail & Guardrail Calculations and Drawings Review -


We provide handrail and guardrail stamped calculations and review of your fabrication drawings for your commercial projects and all necessary submittals for your permitting needs.

Services: Our Services

Architectural Panels

We provide engineering calculations for your panels project (perforated or non perforated panels), our extensive engineering experience with 100,000s square feet of panels designed in the past will fulfil your need. 

Glass Buildings
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