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Pittsburgh Structural Engineer Works With Local Architect And Draftsman To Provide More Services

Updated: Dec 24, 2023


A structural engineer and local architect, work together offering more services in the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is known for its old and historic structures as well as its aging residential houses across Western Pennsylvania.

Restoring historic buildings maintains the original aesthetic and provides us with an educational tool for the history, art, architecture and engineering of the time period when the building was originally constructed. If there’s one thing to remember when preserving important and long-standing buildings, it’s to maintain their character. If you tamper with them too much, the building's charm and value will diminish.

A significant portion of the residential properties in Pittsburgh and its surrounding area are over 70 years old. Many of these properties are dealing with either ground water challenges, bowed or cracked foundation walls or bowed/bulged brick veneer (exterior façade).

Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services is looking to help maintain the character of these historic buildings and old architectural shapes of Pittsburgh residential structures, while making sure they are structurally sound and can last safely many more years. They have worked and evaluated many structures that either were classified as a landmark or were located in the historic district in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services LLC is excited about the opportunity to find and restore these historic and old building structures that mean so much to the communities and the great people of Pittsburgh. They enjoy assisting them throughout their design process whether they are renovating, rehabbing, restoring or reinforcing to maintain the structure longevity for years to come.

The owner, Firas Abdelahad, has said, "We understand the market, and we believe in velocity while we still offer quality work with fair cost. We fully believe in offering our clients the best quality, within their time frame while trying to stay on their budget to get the work done. We pride ourselves on being a value-added service even for the clients that may not hire us."

About Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services, LLC: Locally owned, managed and operated structural engineering firm serving Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services was established to assist architects, home owners, real estate agents, investors, general contractors, and developers to make their experience designing, buying, selling, remodeling, investing, or flipping properties smoother by providing them with a reliable structural engineering service when needed.

They would love to talk with you about your project, ask you a few questions and if they realize that you don't need a structural engineer they will let you know and provide you with recommendations on who can assist you. If you are looking for a dependable structural engineer team in Pittsburgh, give them a call!

For more information about Pittsburgh Design & Engineering Services, please visit: or the companies LinkedIn | Facebook


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